Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora
Sleeping Beauty

  • Completed: August 2008
  • Worn at: Dragon*Con 2008

    Aurora has always been my favorite Disney Princess. I basically wore out my copy of the *BETA-MAX* tape I had of Sleeping Beauty. I chose the pink version of her gown because I didn’t want match a Cinderella that may be at the group photo shoot.

    Since Aurora is drawn with such a small waist I made a new Victorian style corset to match the shape. I made my own pattern for the top. It took a lot of trial and error to get it fitted right. I would love if it was even more fitted but I can’t lift my arms as it is! I couldn’t find enough shades of pink in the satin I was using and dyed the two lighter pinks.

    I cut in thicker bangs to my wig, but I would like to really get that curl that Aurora has next time. My jewelry is made from wonderflex and covered in gold leaf.

    Photo Credits: My Father