Victorian Romance Emma

  • Completed: Summer 2007
  • Worn at: Katsucon 2008
  • Awards: Hallway Craftsmanship Award – Novice – Katsucon 2008

    I adore this series. I prefer the manga over the anime but it was nice to find an anime series that is more like period novels and films I love from the BBC.

    I put a lot of work into this costume. Though it seems like a simple maid outfit I completed a period correct corset, petticoat, and chemise to give the dress the correct shape. I feel like I’m wearing amour when I have that corset on! It’s neat. I also drafted a lot of the costume myself. A lot of hand sewing was done because I didn’t want anything to catch in the wind and show a rough seam and I wanted the white to look WHITE which means a lot of things are lined or have a double thickness.

    Photo Credits: EBK