Puchiko – Cheshire Cat

Di Gi Charat – Alice in Wonderland

  • Completed: February 2011
  • Worn at: Katsucon 2011, Katsucon 2012

    My friends Mandy and Jamie invited me to be Puchiko in their Di Gi Charat – Alice in Wonderland group. We love that the show is mostly fart jokes, creep pedophiles, crazy faces, and constant fighting. Jamie tackled Dejiko/Alice, Mandy was Rabi/White Rabbit, and I got Puchiko/Cheshire Cat. (Creepy Bear in the box was made by Mandy.) This was one of the most amusing costume groups I’ve ever been in!

    I love how comfy this costume is. My jumpsuit has an altered hood and tummy. All of my stripes, the tummy, and paw pads are satin stitched on. I used real bells so I could jingle when I danced. The paws are stuffed for extra puffiness. The boots are built over an inexpensive pair of slipper boots. I also love how huge my hair bows are. I almost can’t fit them onto my head with the wig and the hood!

    Photo Credits: LJinto, Jason @ i360.com, Christa, & Lionel