Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

  • Completed for: Anime Central 2002
  • Worn at: Anime Central 2002, Kazecon 2003
  • Awards: Judge’s Award at Kazecon 2003

    I’m very proud of this costume because I hand painted the entire thing. I purchased a white leotard and began work, slowly painting on the tiger stripes and orange background. Each stripe started with a very dry brush sketching out the shape, then slowly adding more dye so it wouldn’t bleed. Many layers were used for a rich color. The spandex used for the leggings and arm bands was not as easy to paint and wouldn’t show the color as brightly.

    The collar is from a pet store and was amusing to buy as I tried one or two on for fit.

    Photo Credits: Friends, Kevin, & Lionel