Burlesque Sailor Moon – No Flutter

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon

  • Completed: DragonCon 2016
  • Worn at: DragonCon 2016, Halloween 2016
  • Awards: Halloween Charity Costume Contest 2020 – Directed by Snake Oil Cosplay & Millimetric Cosplay – Intermediate Winner
  • I created this Burlesque Sailor Moon piece designed by artist No Flutter for DragonCon 2016. My wig was built from a Chibi and clip on ponytail from Arda Wigs. I did purchase my glove bases from Amazon as well as the odango covers, brooch, and earrings from UniqueCosplayForest. My Moon Wand is an official Proplica. Everything else I made from satins, brocade, Yaya Han’s stretch fabric line, and trimmings found at JoAnn Fabrics. My corset is sprung steel boned and capped, materials which I keep in my own sewing supplies, and the cups of the bodice have underwires I purchased online. The bodice base was made using pattern McCall’s Yaya Han 7339. The skirts and bustling I draped myself. The bow I patterned along with jacket. My boots/leggings were made using the duct tape patterning method. All my bias binding was hand finished so there would be no visible stitching. Gold trim was sewn by hand with gold thread. (I use a Luna shaped purse to hold my phone when I’m wandering about in this costume!)

    I brought this costume to a Halloween contest judged by Chris March from Bravo’s Project Runway fame. It was really neat to meet him! Thank you to Snake Oil Cosplay and Millimetric Cosplay for the encouragement in my work and the Intermediate win in their Halloween Cosplay Contest!

    Thank you to all the photographers who shared their time and talents with me to capture images of this costume! I was so sad to loose contact with one photographer at DragonCon 2016 who I worked with and never heard from afterwards. Maybe we’ll cross paths again!

    Photo Credits: EPBOT.com, ThreePio Photography, Harbin Hearts Photography, Patrick Sun Photography, Leo Photography