Gogo Yubari

Gogo Yubarir
Kill Bill Vol. 1

  • Completed: Halloween 2004
  • Worn at: Dragon*Con 2009

    This costume was definitely a closet piece together project. I don’t have any photos from it’s original appearances for Halloween 2004 that don’t have messy dorm room backgrounds.

    My friend Mandy did some creative detective work and discovered I had a passable Gogo in my closet. She asked that I join their Kill Bill Vol. 1 group photo shoot at Dragon*Con 2009. So out came the pieces! I made a new bow and sewed new gold buttons onto the blazer.

    The mace was made by my father as a surprise gift that he mailed up to me in college for our party. I’m very impressed with how creative he was in finding finding pieces. The chain makes the prop very heavy, but the ball is built around a master-lock on the inside, which allows me to actually swing the mace!

    Photo Credits: LJinto & Judy