Princess Bubblegum Bunny Girl

Princess Bubblegum – Bunny Girl
Adventure Time

  • Completed: Summer 2013
  • Worn at: DragonCon 2013

    These costumes are based on the beautiful fanart by Animegirl000, the full piece can be found here.

    Bunny girl suits are serious business in the cosplay world. Seriously difficult! I was lucky enough to find a tutorial made by Kapalaka that can be found on her Deviant Art account. It uses the very flattering method of wrapping yourself in cling wrap and then cutting that apart for a pattern. You end up feeling very silly!

    I used two layers of fabric, a thick base fabric that was the leftovers of my Winter Belle skirt, and a top sparkly spandex for the the glittery look I wanted. I boned the whole piece in sprung steel which I cut and capped myself. The bunny suit closes with the traditional zipper as well.

    The ears, cuffs, and collar are made of satin and attach with snaps. My little cufflink candies are out of Model Magic and then wrapped in the remains of the “model” peppermints I used for reference and then ate. 🙂 The licorice bows are made from vinyl and covered in sparkly glitter for the sugar look.

    The wig is a Delilah in Hot Pink, from Arda Wigs.

    My crown is made from two layers of Wonderflex, gold spray paint, and a blue resin jewel I had in stock from my last casting project.

    Photo Credits: Brent Allen Thale –, & Jason