Anna – Lolita


  • Completed: DragonCon 2014
  • Worn at: DragonCon 2014

    This costume is based on the fanart of NoFlutter on DeviantArt who created beautiful lolita inspired designs for Anna and Elsa from Frozen. AmazonMandy came across the artwork and suggested we make the costumes for DragonCon. It was fun to take such a popular character and have a sparkly/lolita twist.

    This costume has so many layers! Socks, bloomers, two petticoats, white over skirt, the blue skirt, stuffed bustle, the purple ruffled bustle, blouse, corset, cape, gloves, and then topped with the wig and bows/flower/horn hairpiece. Phew!

    I treated myself to a heat setting gem tool and decorated my corset after hand-painting the design. The lace used on the corset was sprayed with gold glitter and I made my own decorative gold bias. The blouse has tiny details in the stitching and ribbons to mimic the film design.

    For the details on the cape I tried cutting my first stencil with a heat tool and it just melted. So back to the old exact-o knife method! Using fabric paint I created the pattern that decorates the edges of Anna’s cape. The puff-ball trim got a shot of purple fabric paint and purple glitter spray. With the freedom of this design I selected a rhinestone bedazzled hook for the neck, still sharing the heart shape of the film version.

    The boots were hand-painted and I added gold buttons. The horns are made from lightweight clay, painted, and attached with wire to the flowering headband.

    Photo Credits: CosIT, Jazz Wolf, Christa J Newman Photography, AmazonMandy