Umi Ryuuzaki – 3D Land

Umi Ryuuzaki – CLAMP in 3D Land
Magic Knight Rayearth

  • Completed: August 2009
  • Worn at: Dragon*Con 2009

    I made this costume to be part of a CLAMP in 3D-Land group that was gathering at Dragon*Con 2009. (Not nearly as large as the first gathering they held at Animeland Wasabi 2009!) The designs are from the box artwork for the CLAMP figurines, CLAMP in 3D-Land. We all worked in the Casa fabric collection from JoAnn’s, though I did have to special order the orange from their selections for spring prom. (How can Joann’s Fabrics not always carry a fabulous orange citrus like that?!)

    I used FolkWear’s, Chinese Jacket pattern. This, at the time, seemed like the best idea because Umi is wearing a traditional Chinese style top and pants. As I continued to alter, and alter, and alter the pattern, I realized I created quite the headache for myself! I should have started with a Mandarin style gown. It would already have been closely fitted. All of the bias was handmade from white casa satin. The wig is from my last Umi costume and the shoes were plain white flats from Target that I painted orange.

    Photo Credits: Judy & LJinto