Forest Faerie Court

  • Completed: February 2012
  • Worn at: Katsucon 2012
    Our forest court of Celtic faeries was designed by the lovely Kaitlin aka Sunset Dragon/Flying-Fox on DeviantArt. (Her portfolio is Our Goddess Queen was AmazonMandy, Qui (the Queen’s right hand) was Kaitlin, and Koi was ChibiPlum.

    Each costume was based on the art of the ladies of the Celtic Goddess’s court. Lily seems to have the ability to have fabric magically stick to her. So I started with a base of a bra and began draping off of that. I wanted to keep the general feel, but make it slightly more modest and easy to wear. The dress is worn over full body dance tights, and is made from faux suede. Leather cording is used for any lacing and my leafy skirt is made of layers and layers of organza and fun sparkly fabric cut into leaf shapes.

    My wig was created from Arda Wigs products. I used an Eowyn base, two curly ponytail clips, and a set of short wefts. I sewed the wefts into the hairline, behind the bangs, for the poof. I used a portion of a foam sphere to help the large poof. My horns are crafted from Model Magic and sealed with plaster of Paris strips. After spray painting the horns, I attached them to a headband with wire. My ears were made from painted craft-foam, but I will replace them with fake fur ears to match the rest of the group. Earrings created from Model Magic while the bangles are wooden.

    Photo Credits: LJinto, Judy, & Ollie