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Honey Lemon

Making tiny steps forward in catching up on my costumes!

Adding Leia


Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Bomb!

Updated my galleries with three Sailor Moon projects!

Updated Costume List

I am slowly updating my costume listing which I have neglected as Facebook and Instagram are so easy to utilize. Oops! Keep checking back for new galleries and photographs of my completed costumes.
Recently Added:

Anime Milwaukee Special Guest Judge

I am super happy to announce that I will be a special guest judge at Anime Milwaukee, February 13-15th, 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

I have yet to decide what costumes I’ll be bringing but I can’t wait to see what everyone else makes. <3 http://animemilwaukee.com/

Updates Gallore

A Happy New Year to everyone! I’ve been busily adding costumes to my portfolio and updating the galleries of some costumes with new photos. For more frequent updates and a look into some of my behind the scenes work visit my facebook page dedicated to my cosplay.

Super Sailor Neptune

My Super Sailor Neptune gallery and write up is finished. I can’t wait to wear this costume again. Hopefully I can get some shots by the water next time.

Fluffle Puff

I’ve finished the gallery page for my Fluffle Puff cosplay! Head over to read a little about it and see all the photos from our shoot in April.

Princess Bubblegum Bunny Girl

My write up and photos on my Princess Bubblegum Bunny Girl costume are now up. I’m disappointed that my Flame Princess, AmazonMandy, and I didn’t get very many photos from photographer friends. Guess we’ll just have to wear them again!

Princess Bubblegum Ballgown

I appologize for the long wait in an update. My poor old laptop died. I was lucky enough to make a switch to a Mac but it has been a learning curve! All the files that need to move back and forth, fonts to move, the editing programs, and ftp clients I needed to download… it grew into quite the project.

I’m happy to post my Princess Bubblegum ballgown photos and write up.