DragonCon 2013 and Halloween

It can sometimes be a long wait for photos from conventions since photographers are so kind to edit and provide shoots to so many people. I hope everyone has been enjoying my small updates to my Facebook and DeviantArt pages while I accumulated photos. I’m excited to finally update my costumes with new photos from DragonCon. I debuted two new costumes and updated two others. My first gallery to receive these updates is my Meowth Gijinka from Pokemon!

I was also happy to create a new costume for Halloween this year as well, Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph! I need to set up a fancy photoshoot to show Vanellope off because I only have party snapshots.

Halloween is just around the corner…

Halloween will be here soon! I know I’m already planning ahead for my sewing projects.

I have just been contacted by HalloweenCostumes.com with a great opportunity for fellow cosplayers out there. If you have the time and talent please head over to HalloweenCostumes.com and it’s contest description: http://www.halloweencostumes.com/contest/costume-design-contest.asp.

Sketches are due August 15th, 2012. (It’s a coming up quick!) The top 20 designs will be picked and given $300.00 for supplies to create the costume. HalloweenCostumes.com will pay to ship the costume to their company by September 17th. Three winners will be picked for cash prizes and then the creations will be auctioned.

New Costume Up

I’ve collected photos and have finally finished my page and description for my forest faerie costume, for Kaitlyn’s Forest Court.


My newest costume Belldandy, which debuted at Katsucon 2012, is up.

Back from Katsucon

I’m back from Katsucon with new photos and new costumes. It was a joy to see good friends and create funny memories. My first update is of new photos of my Puchiko Cheshire Cat costume.

Links have been updated and my new costumes will be posted shortly.

New Link and Costume Progress

I’m adding a new costume to my list of finished worked, a Saturday Night Live Spartan Cheerleader. I need to schedule a photo shoot for this fun costume! I only have a couple of snapshots from Halloween.

Work is underway for my costume schedule for Katsucon this coming year. I have a good start on two but there is so much work left to do. I have been working on my first set of feather wings and they are sitting in my dining room. Problem is, I need to order a few more feathers and I need to choose a new supplier. More first batch came from Rainbow Feathers, but they never sent my second order and I had to contact my credit card company about retrieving my payment. Any recommendations for other suppliers?

I am happy to add another link to my list, of a lovely Italian cosplayer, Misa.

New Links

I’ve added four new cosplayer links to my links page. All wonderful ladies! Be sure to check them out. <3

New Photos

New photos posted of my Lady Amalthea costume.

Welcome to AngelicDream.com!

Welcome to the costume portfolio of Midwestern cosplayer Samantha (AngelSamui). Please enjoy your visit and thank you so much for visiting!